News and Events - January 2012
NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Every joy is fulfilled today, Christ is born from the Virgin.

Truly, dear brothers and sisters, today we can all together repeat the words of this church hymn from the Nativity service. No unfulfilled joy remains on the Christmas Day.  God is born of the Virgin Mary, the Savior of the world comes to bless and to shower us with the love of His being.  Heaven comes down to earth, the wall between us and the Creator is destroyed, and the chains of sin melt from the warmth of God’s love.

The trials that have befallen our people in the last decades are not yet over.  There are still many of us in refuges and shelters, hungry and orphaned.  The Serbian drama in Kosovo continues!  And we are in great temptations here as well, even if we think we are safe.  May the God-Child open our hearts so that we will understand the real message of Christmas and feel the true joy in sharing and empathizing with our suffering brothers and all people of good will.

The God-Man Christ is the answer to every challenge.  He is the solution to every problem.  He is the true joy of man, the best friend and only comfort for all the bereaved.  Therefore, we send our prayers to the Newborn God-Child to strengthen, have mercy, comfort and direct our steps to the “port of salvation.”

Peace from God – Christ is Born! 
Happy and Blessed New Year 2012!

Bishop of New Gracanica and Midwestern America
Serbian Orthodox Church

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