News and Events - January 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Denver, CO - On Sunday, January 10, 2010, on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers and the day we commemorate the Holy 20,000 Maryrs of Nicomedia, His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America made an archpastoral visit to the parish of St. John the Baptist in the state of Colorado. This visit was made all the more festive and significant since His Grace, the bishop, was greeted by the faithful from two Orthodox parishes, St. John's and St. Herman of Alaska (OCA). Con-celebrating with the holy bishop were Fr. Radovan Petrovic and Fr. John Armstrong. Following the gospel reading, Bishop Maxim address the congregation with pastoral words of love, peace and joy characteristic of these Nativity-Theophany feasts. The faithful from both parishes filled the church of St. Herman with a total of 119 adults and 28 youth and children (of that 61 adults and 15 youth from the St. John parish). At the end of the Divine Liturgy Fr. John Armstrong expressed his gratitude to His Grace for his visit and salvific message. Fr. Radovan also thanked Bishop Maxim for his inextinguishable archpastoral care and love which he has shown to the faithful in Colorado, thanking also the parish of St. Herman's which has over the past few years offered their facilities for use. The newly elected church board of the St. John parish was sworn in to office by their Hierarch who wished upon them that their work be fruitful in the New Year.

The St. John parish and the hard working parish ladies prepared a rich table of love in honor of Bishop Maxim's visit to Colorado. After lunch the bishop held a brief meeting with the church board, being informed of the significant events of 2009 and the plans of renovating the church in 2010. The bishop has anxiously awaited the moment he will get to see the first Serbian Orthodox Church in Colorado. Following the meeting the bishop, together with the priest and board members, viewed the church, singing the Nativity and St. John troparions. Coffee and treats were prepared at the church. The bishop asked the church board and the priest to be tireless and diligent and to finish the renovations as soon as possible that they might be able to use the church for services. The board approximates that the church will be ready for consecation near Pascha. The bishop was very pleased with the new church and the renovation plans as well as with his visit to Colorado. Before going to the airport the bishop visited the Vukovic family from Aurora.

Fr. Radovan Petrovic

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