News and Events - January 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Merrillville,IN - The Chicago Deanery clergy, with the blessing of His Grace Bishop Longin, held the meeting on January 15, 20015 in St. Sava Church facilities in Merrillville, Indiana. His Grace Bishop Longin attended meeting and extended greetings and his blessings to all present. There were 14 priests in attendance: protopresbyters-stavrofors Nedeljko Lunich, Bogdan Zjalic, Luka Lukic, Ilija Balach, Milos Vesin, Savo Bosanac; protopresbyters: Savo Cakardic, Dobrivoje Milunovic, Aleksandar Novakovic, Marko Matic, Darko Spasojevic; protonamesnik Radovan Jakovljevic; presbyters Sasa Nedic and Nikolaj Kostur.

Father Nedeljko Lunich, Dean of Chicago Deanery welcomed His Grace Bishop Longin and the clergy. He also thanked Fr. Marko Matich, St. Sava parish priest, and the Church Board for hosting this meeting and extending their hospitality. Father Nedeljko extended his congratulations to the new protopresbyters who recently were elevated to the rank of a protopresbyter: Fr. Aleksandar Novakovic, Fr. Marko Matic, Fr. Dragan Petrovich and Fr. Darko Spasojevic. Fr. Radovan Jakovljevic was given a title of protonamesnik . Also congratulations were conveyed to Fr. Nikolaj Kostur for his ordination to the priesthood and appointment as the parish priest of St. George Church in Joliet, Illinois. Father Nedeljko mentioned that in the last year St. Elijah Cathedral in Merrillville, Indiana celebrated 50th Anniversary, and St. Sava Church, also in Merrillville, celebrated 100th anniversary. St. Archangel Michael Church had a blessing of the beautiful frescos.

His Grace greeted the clergy and wished everyone healthy and blessed New Year. His Grace spoke of the difficult tasks clergy are facing in their pastoral work. He encouraged clergy to be vigil in the pastoral work, always having in mind their oath to serve God above all.

Other topics on agenda were reports on the status of the church schools (religious and Serbian) in the parishes, as well as attendance of the Holy Liturgy by the Church school students. Summer camp in both Monasteries has been growing. Also, winter retreat has become more popular and every year more kids are in attendance. The clergy endorsed pilgrimage trips to the holy places.

Discussion was held on the various topics. His Grace informed the clergy of the forthcoming projects in St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville.

The important topic was the possibility of establishing one hour weekly church radio program. The committee was created to study possibility and submit the report to the Diocesan annual assembly, to be held March 27&28, 2015 in the Monastery New Gracanica. The committee consists of the following clergy: Fr. Milos Vesin, Fr. Darko Spasojevic, Fr. Radovan Jakovljevic and Fr. Nikolaj Kostur.

At the end of the meeting the Lenten schedule for the church services and the homilists was compiled and approved by His Grace.

His Grace and the clergy, after the conclusion of the meeting enjoyed a delicious luncheon prepared by the St. Sava Kolo ladies.

V. Rev.  Nedeljko Lunich

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