News and Events - February 2014

NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, February 7, 2014

Rev. Vasilije Vranic


Chicago, IL - This year, as every year, Holy Resurrection celebrated St. Sava, the first archbishop and enlightener of Serbs, as the patron saint of education and learning. This year’s celebration was slightly different then the previous years, namely, our parish grew so much in size that the current facilities were insufficient to hold the participants and parishioners and the celebration had to be extended to a three-day event.

On Saturday, January 25th our “Soko” Folklore group and the “Junior Brankies,” the children’s section of the Cathedral choir SSS “Branko Radichevich,” celebrated their patron saint. The kumovi of the celebration were Tanja Vukoja and Marko Savich. The festivities began with the Vespers service and the Slava blessing in the church.

The celebration continued in the Social Hall, where our folklore, children’s choir, and drama club performed. The “Soko” Folklore group presented a medley of Serbian dances. All three age groups took part in the celebration. Demonstrating a great amount of skill and artistic ability all 270 children of the group honored St. Sava. We are very grateful to Marija Markovic and everyone who helped “Soko” grow in the past few years to become an admirable folklore ensemble. Special gratitude goes to the choreographers Milan Andrijanic, Duska Kangrga, and Jovan Aleksic.

The children’s choir, “Junior Brankies,” also took part in the program. They presented themselves with a number of ethnic songs. The choir became increasingly popular in the past few years, since it was reestablished and reinvigorated through the direction of Milica and Jovan Anicic. It was especially encouraging to see that the choir constantly grows in numbers (currently the choir has close to 20 members) and that an increasing number of children are taking part in this important ministry. An expression of gratitude is due to Milica and Jovan Anicic for their tireless work on making this program a success. (PHOTOS: )

The next day (Sunday, January 26th), following the Divine Liturgy, the blessing of the Slava Kolach and Zhito took place in the presence of our students from Sunday and Serbian schools. The kumovi were Angelina Djordjevic and Nicholas Subaric. The festivities of the day continued in the Social Hall with a rich program prepared by all 160 students, who honored their patron saint with a selection of declamations and a play adaptation of St. Sava’s life. We are very grateful to our Sunday School superintendent Zora Voynovich and Serbian School president Dr. Mirela Savcic and all the teachers for all the time and effort they invested in making our educational programs and the Slava celebration a great success. (PHOTOS: )

The following Sunday (February 2nd) St. Sava Academy, our parochial school celebrated its patron saint. Following the Divine Liturgy, the Slava celebration was held at the Social Hall. The kumovi for the Slava were Ema Glavanovic and Lazar Jevtic. Around 80 children of all grades and various ethnic backgrounds who attend our school honored the Saint with a number of declamations, songs and adaptations of plays on various instances of St. Sava’s life. We are grateful to principal Marko Bojovic and all the teachers for their tireless work on educating the future generation of orthodox believers on this continent. (PHOTOS: )

The sheer magnitude of this year’s celebration of St. Sava at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago is truly a splendid encouragement to the priests and parishioners that our church and our Serbian people are remaining faithful to the Way of St. Sava, i.e., Svetosavlje. Their love for our orthodox faith and our Serbian culture is a powerful testament to the continuation of the legacy of St. Sava on this side of the Atlantic. May St. Sava continue to bless us and protect us on MANY YEARS!

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