News and Events - March 2011
NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, March 22, 2011


[Moscow, Interfax] - Cleric of the Japanese Autonomous Orthodox Church Archpriest Nikolay Dmitriev, who works in Hakodate, reports that communication with all the country's Orthodox priests has been restored and none of them was injured.

"We've communicated with every Orthodox priests of Japan," Father Nikolay was quoted as saying by the Foma magazine.

According to the priest, "thanks God, all of them are alive healthy, contacts with the parish have also been restored."

On Thursday morning, priest Vasily Taguchi who was considered missing also contacted the diocese.

Father Nikolay says there are no serious destructions in Tokyo and Hakodate, Orthodox communities in Yamada and Sakari are in the most difficult situation, the churches there are fully destroyed.

"In Sendai, where the Japan's second bishopric see is located, the situation is not easy - the whole coastal zone is destroyed. However, the church has miraculously survived the disaster, Bishop Seraphim and his parish are alright," the priest said.

Some stained-glass windows were destroyed in Tokyo Cathedral, and iconostasis has cracked in Hakodate.

"We really need Bibles, prayer books and small crucifixes, everything believers had in their houses, but lost because of destructions. Bible and prayer books in Russian are also useful as there are many Russians in our parish and Orthodox Japanese also know Russian at least what they need for prayer," Father Nikolay said.


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