News and Events - May 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Monday, May 31, 2010


I Will Show you my Faith by my Action… (James 2:18)

Chicago, IL - Cathedral parishioner Goran Stosovic recently financed and led a noble effort, together with a handful of friends from our church community, to buy a house for Zlatoje, Vesna, and Ljubica Davidovic, an internally-displaced family from Urosevac that had taken refuge in the village of Razbojna, municipality of Brus (near Krusevac) in the basement of an abandoned collective farmhouse, without electricity, water, or a bathroom.“While in Serbia, one morning I brought the father (Zlatoje) and daughter (Ljubica) to work in my fruit orchard, and when I got to know Ljubica better I offered to buy her a computer, but she kept insisting that she doesn’t need one,” recounts Stosovic.

“Nonetheless, I was determined to get her a computer and went to buy one that same day, but when I arrived at their apartment I saw that they had absolutely no electricity—and that’s why Ljubica kept saying that she doesn’t need a computer,” he continued.

It was then and there that the bond between Goran Stosovic and the Davidovic family was cemented.

“Ljubica (11 years old) and her dad, Zlatoje, are mainly alone because the mother, Vesna, is in psychological distress and spends most of her time institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital as a result of the terrible trauma she suffered during the war. She had watched as ethnic Albanian forces brutally raped and murdered her daughter, Ljubica’s older sister, before her very eyes,” Stosovic explained.

On his return to Chicago, Stosovic and several parishioners of Holy Resurrection Cathedral raised $10,000 that was sent through the Cathedral treasury to buy a house with land nearby Krusevace, and proper utilities, so that the Davidovic family can live in basic hygienic conditions.
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