News and Events - July 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, July 16, 2010

Chicago, IL - On Sunday, June 27, 2010, parishioners and friends of Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral gathered to commemorate one of the most significant religious and national holidays in the Serbian Orthodox Church, the 621st Anniversary of the Feast of Vidovdan (St. Vitus’ Day).  

His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher, assisted by the Cathedral Clergy served the Divine Liturgy with responses sung by the Cathedral Choir, the S.S.S. Branko Radichevich.  Following the Divine Liturgy, a memorial service was held for all of the fallen Serbian heroes who lost their lives in the Battle of Kosovo.

After the memorial service, a Lenten luncheon was served in the Cathedral Hall followed by a cultural program.  The program included greetings by His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher, Cathedral Dean, Fr. Darko Sposojevic, and Ms. Ryann Whalen, on behalf of her husband, Desko Nikitovic, Consul General of Serbia. Deacon Damjan Bozic was the Master of Ceremonies. 

A moving documentary film on Kosovo and Metohija, “The Cross under the Shara Mountain” was showcased. The Serbian School and St. Sava Academy children who recited poems on Kosovo opened the cultural program.  Milos Segrt, the guest Guslar, chanted one of the many stories commemorating the heroes in the Battle of Kosovo.

On June 28, 1389, the Prince and his warriors took Holy Communion and went into battle.  Even though they knew that their chances against the Turkish aggressors were slim, they chose not to surrender.  The words of Holy Prince Lazar on the field of Kosovo remain forever the choice of devout Orthodox Christians: “The earthly kingdom is for a little while, so we choose the heavenly one which is for eternity.”

In the true spirit of Christianity, they placed their hope in Christ and Eternal Life

On Vidovdan, the Serbian Orthodox faithful honor and commemorate the heroes of Kosovo who laid down their lives defending their faith, freedom, nation and country.  Kosovo is Serbian Holy Land and the cradle of Serbdom. Vidovdan is not just the date of a battle, but the Serbian Nation’s identify.  

We gathered to commemorate Vidovdan just like many others before us.  Vidovdan commemorations, which have been celebrated for centuries, are re-confirmations of Serbian ownership of Kosovo and Metohija.

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