News and Events - July 2009
NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, July 23, 2009



[From the office of the Eastern Diocese] We are sad to announce that the Very Reverend Stavrophor Dr. Nedeljko Grgurevich reposed in the Lord today, Thursday, July 23, 2009. 

Born on August 6, 1934 he became very well known and respected as an clergyman of the Serbian Orthodox Church but also as an Orthodox theologian and professor. He served for many years as the bishop's deputy of the Eastern American Diocese. Many Serbian Orthodox priests have benefited from Prota Nedeljko's instruction as their professor at St. Sava School of Theology in Libertyville. Parishioners in the parishes he served, which include Steubenville, Elizabeth and Johnstown grew to love and respect him for his abiding wisdom and commitment to Christ. He retired on March 6, 2005 after many years of serving the St. Nicholas parish in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

We pray for God to comfort and give strength Prota Nedeljko's family at this time.

Details of the funeral arrangements and more comprehensive details of Prota Nedeljko's life, contributions and achievements will be forthcoming.

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