News and Events - August 2008
NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday August 12, 2008


“…and upon this rock I will build My Church;
and the gates of Hades will not overpower it”
(Matthew 16:18)
Austin, TX
August 11, 2008

On Sunday, August 10, 2008 a group of Serbs from Austin, the Capitol of Texas, gathered together with the Very Reverend Stavrophor Fr. Dragoljub Popovich on the Flagship on beautiful Travis Lake. The purpose of this gathering was to introduce Fr. Dragoljub, who recently moved to Austin with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher and his desire to start-up a new Serbian Missionary parish in this beautiful city. This gathering was hosted by Branko Milanovich and his family.

The gathering went in cordial, extensive and friendly dialogue. The topic of the meeting was brainstorming on ideals to best pursue the goal of starting up and establishing new church life in this ever growing city. It is thought that almost 100 Serbian families reside in Austin and the surrounding area. The collective thought was to immediately begun collecting names and creating a database of families in the area. It was also suggested to submit a letter to our church papers and fraternal organization throughout United States and Canada, informing the readers of the ongoing progress of establishing the mission parish in Austin.

Fr. Dragoljub informed the attendants that he formally received the blessings from His Grace Bishop Basil of Antiohian Diocese and His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher from the Midwestern Metropolitanate that the Divine Liturgy will be co-celebrated on Sundays at the St. John the Forerunner in Cedar Park until a mission church is established. The Divine Liturgy will be served in English, Church-Slavonic and Serbian to accommodate all participants who attend these services.

To create awareness and a sense of community amongst the Austin Serbs, there will be a picnic on Sunday September 14th 2008. The goal of the picnic will be gathering enough signatures needed for the petition to the Diocesan authorities for establishment of the new parish.

We are kindly asking the editors of Path of Orthodoxy, Observer, Srbobran, Sloboda, Srbija, Istocnik, Serb World, etc. to publish this article on the pages of their respective newspapers informing and asking their respective readers if they know someone who live in Austin and have them contact Fr. Dragoljub.

Contact Info:

Very Rev. Stavrophor Fr. Dragoljub Popovich
Home: 512-986-7305
Cell: 512-635-1654
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