News and Events - October 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Saturday, October 16, 2010


Belgrade, Serbia - His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia received Protopresbyter Dr. John Behr, Dean of the St. Vladimir's Academy in New York, at the Patriarchate in Belgrade on Friday, October 15, 2010 together with His Grace Bishop Dr. Maxim of Western America. 

Fr. John held a lecture on Monday, October 11 in the great amphiteatre of the Faculty of the Orthodox Theology in Belgrade, an inspired lecture on the subject The Challenge of our past and an examination of the past; in the presence of professors and many students.

At the beginning of the lecture His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America informed all the present about the life and work of fr. John Behr.

Fr. John Behr split the lecture in two parts: Identity of Christ and Our Identity in Christ. In the first part there are pointed out: a modern approach to the science when it is spoken about real Lord Jesus Christ; hymnography and Tradition in the Church as interpreters of Resurrected Christ. For a modern man, who seeks for Truth, fr. John Behr especially singled out a New Testament's place: Road to Emaus, when disciples recognized Christ when He cut the bread, what still happens today during the Divine Liturgy. In the second part of the lecture, professor Behr talked about the challenge of history and our interpretation of the past.

At the end of the lecture, His Grace Bishop Dr. Irinej of Backa while welcoming the distinguished guest, concluded that his lecture in a concise manner summarize our New Testament's faith, christology and etics, in a live dialogue with the reality. Bishop Maxim successfully simultaneously interpreted the lecture of fr. John Behr and announced a lecture of Thursday at 12am on the theme The Tasks of the Orthodox Theology in 21st Century, in the great amphitheatre of the Faculty of the Orthodox Theology, 11b Mija Kovacevic street. 

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