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NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, November 27, 2012



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Salt Lake City, UT - The St. Archangel Michael parish in Salt Lake city solemnly celebrated their Slava - St. Michael, leader of the heavenly and bodiless Powers. In accordance with a Bible-typological image, Archangel Michael, whose name means "no one like God", stands up against the revolting Lucifer, and with that position reveals all the knowledge of God he had. "He does not describe God, does not explain Him, he stands and witnesses. That name is the expression of the Archangel's communication with the radiance of Divinity, in it is the measure by which this Archangel manifests this radiance," says Metropolitan Anthony Bloom at one place.

The synaxis of the faithful of metro Salt Lake City was to celebrate the parish patron saint, St. Archangel Michael, which was in love, care and a visit by the head of the Church of God in the Western part of America, our Bishop Maxim.

Bishop Maxim officiated at the eucharistic gathering at which some one hundred and fifty faithful congregated, members of both different peoples and canonical jurisdictions from this region. Besides Serbs there were: Greeks, Russians and Orthodox Americans, who with their liturgical participation showed and proved the ecumenical and all-inclusive nature of the Orthodox Church, which is beyond all wordly ethnic-geographic divisions, bringing salvation to all people and all of creation. Thus, this Krsna Slava and celebration of our Patron Saint was truly with meaning, to gather all of God's children in the brotherly Christian community of love - His Holy Church which He gained with His blood. The joy in Salt Lake City was magnified all the more with an entrance into the Orthodox family, through Baptism and Chrismation in the Liturgy, little Liam Porter who, as the newest soldier of Christ, first among many, communed of the Cup of Life.  

Following the Litiya, blessing and cutting of the Slava Kolach, as well as the bestowing of certificates of gratitude to deserving members of our parish, a rich Slava meal followed which our Kolo Sisters prepared.

At the end of his visit, our Bishop Maxim used the opportunity to visit the famous winter retreat Park City, together with Fr. Predrag and a few church baord members. There they were welcomed by Cvjeta Mainovic and, from 9,000 feet, stood in amazement of God's creation.

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