News and Events - December 2009
NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Niagara Falls, Ontario - From the website [here] of the newly formed St. Elijah the Prophet Serbian Orthodox Church of Niagara Falls:

05 December 2009
Niagara Falls, Canada

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It gives us great joy to inform you that with the blessing of His Grace Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Canada Georgije, on 03 December 2009 in Niagara Falls, Canada a large number of Orthodox Serb believers officially established the Serbian Orthodox parish of “St. Elijah the Prophet” for the Niagara region. With hundreds in attendance from all over the Niagara Region, and in the presence of a large number of guests from our Diocese and from other cities outside the Niagara Region, the new leadership of our parish, including the Management and Supervisory Board, was unanimously elected by the assembly of parishioners. The new leadership took a Holy Oath before His Grace Bishop Georgije and swore by Almighty God and on their honors that they will as Orthodox Christians obey, respect, protect and defend the Holy canons, laws, traditions and rules of the Holy Orthodox Church and faithfully fulfill all duties and obligations prescribed by the Constitution of the Serbian Orthodox Church. After many years, spiritual life has finally returned to our region through the grace of the Holy Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada.

In addition, the parishioners announced the establishment of the first Serbian association in this region, which will carry the name of our world-renowned inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla. The official establishment of the Nikola Tesla association will take place in January of 2010, and the association’s main task will be to unite all the Serbian people of this region into a strong and productive community in which the traditions and culture of our people can be preserved for future generations.

This truly is a glorious day for all the Serbs of the Niagara region.

We pray that this will be a successful first step in the creation of a large and healthy Serbian Orthodox community, a community that will care for all of our brethren and a community founded on the principles of faith, harmony and mutual trust.

So help us God. 
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