Diocese of Canada

His Grace Right Reverend Dr. MITROPHAN (Kodic)

Bishop of Canada
The Serbian Orthodox Church


Episcopal Headquarters
Holy Transfiguration Serbian Monastery

7470 McNiven Rd. R R #3 Campbellville, Ontario L0P 1B0
Office/Residence:………………………………(905) 878-0043 or (905) 878-3438

Episcopal Deputy:
 V. Rev.Protopresbyter-Stavrophor Vasilije Tomic
Phone: 416-450-4555
Email: o.bajo@rogers.com

Diocesan Secretary:
Rev. Presbyter Jovan Marjanac
Phone: 905 878 0043
Email: epkanadska@gmail.com



Western Deanery
V. Rev. Protopresbyter Obrad Filipovic
Phone: 403-244-3586
E-mail: protaobrad@gmail.com

Eastern Deanery:
V. Rev. Protopresbyter-Stavrophor Zivorad Subotic
Phone: 819- 791-4655
E-mail: zivoradsubotic@gmail.com


 Bishop Mitrophan, President
V. Rev. Protopresbyter Stavrophor Milovan Sredojevic, Member
Dragan Prostran, Member
Dusan Kolundzic, Member

 Bishop Mitrophan, President
V. Rev. Protopresbyter Stavrophor Dusan Gnjatic, Prosecutor
V. Rev. Protopresbyter Djuro Samac, Secretary
V. Rev. Protopresbyter Stavrophor Dragomir Ninkovic, Member
Rev. Presbyter Jovan Marjanac, Member

V. Rev. Protopresbyter Dr. Goran Gojkovic, Alternate
V. Rev. Protopresbyter Jovica Cetkovic, Alternate

  Bishop Mitrophan, President
Dragan Prostran, Vice President
V. Rev. Stavrophor Milovan Sredojevic, Member
V. Rev. Stavrophor Dragomir Ninkovic, Member (Church Court)
V. Rev. Stavrophor Milojko Dimitric, Member
V. Rev. Dejan Obradovic, Member
V. Rev. Dr. Goran Gojkovic, Member
V. Rev. Jovica Cetkovic, Member
V. Rev.  Vasilije (Gavrilovic), Member
Rev. Jovan Marjanac, Member (Church Court)
Rajko Djurdjevic, Member
Biljana Vazic, Member
Milovan Mavrak, Member
Dusan Kolundzic, Member
Nikola Novakovic, Member
Danilo Racic, Member
Mima Ivosevic-Kobilski, Member (DCSS)

V. Rev. Stavrophor Vojislav Pavlovic, Alternate
Rev. Vladimir Vranic, Alternate
Vladimir Pribojan, Alternate

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