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NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, January 10, 2007


Chicago, Il - The Nativity celebration began on Sunday evening when the birth of the Christ-Child was announced. Together with his flock and the students of the theological school His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher of Midwestern America festively welcomed the Nativity feast at St. Sava Monastery with the traditional burning of the badnjak in the presence of many faithful.

At the cathedral church in Chicago more than a thousand people attended the traditional blessing of the badnjak. Metropolitan Christopher officiated at the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at the Chicago cathedral church. Many Serbs from Chicago and surrounding areas welcomed His Eminence, the metropolitan, and attended the liturgy on the Nativity feast. Assisting His Eminence were the cathedral clergy: V. Rev. Djuro Krosnjar, Fr. Darko Spasojevic and Deacon Damjan Bozic together with Protodeacon Stanimir Spasovic. The Nativity Encyclical was read by Fr. Darko Spasojevic.

On the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ the Church and people celebrate each year their own spiritual birth in commemorating the greatest event in the history of the salvation of mankind and a new Christian way of living. At the liturgy in the cathedral church as well as all Serbian Orthodox churches in North and South America the Nativity Encyclical of Patriarch Pavle was read.

Deacon Damjan S. Bozic
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