News and Events - March 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, March 19, 2010


Cincinnati, OH -
  On March 7th, 2010, our parishioners welcomed Father Isak Kisin, parish priest of St. Stephan of Decani Serbian Orthodox Church in Columbus, Ohio, for the Lenten Vesper service. At least 50 people attended the service.  A very inspiring sermon was delivered by Fr. Isak. 

This is a  tradition which the Eastern Diocese and other Orthodox dioceses have established during the Lenten season with the blessings of His Grace our Bishop Dr.Mitrophan  for priests to visit other parishes in their area to serve the Lenten Vesper services. 

Our priest V. Rev. Petar Petrovic will visit their church in Columbus on Sunday, March 28.  We tahnk  everyone who attended the service and the Lenten supper which followed.

Very  Reverend Petar Petrovic

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