News and Events - May 2009
NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, May 6, 2009


San Diego, CA - On Sunday of the myrrhbearing women, the faithful of Saint George Serbian Orthodox parish in San Diego together with their hierarch, His Grace Bishop Maxim and local Orthodox clergy, celebrated Church Slava, Feast Day, with a Hierarchical Liturgy, Procession around the church, blessing of the Slava Kolach, and a program.

A great number of parishioners, parish friends and supporters, and parishioners from the sister parish of St. Petka gathered at the Liturgy that started at ten o’clock in the morning. His Grace Bishop Maxim served the Liturgy with concelebration by the following clergy: Protopresbyters Velimir Petakovic, Milan Vukovic, Lazar Vasiljevic, Bratso Krsic, deacon Paul Germain, and hierodeacon Jelisej from Kovilj monastery in Serbia. The Liturgy was truly a communion with God and with one another; it was a true participatory event, a communal experience of God’s presence. The choir did an excellent job leading and incorporating people into the Church and communal worship.

In his sermon, Bishop Maxim enthusiastically shared the joy of Pascha - victory over death, sin, and everything that keeps us from growing in the resurrected Lord. His Grace wished a blessed Slava to all calling them to, like myrrhbearing women, be ever ready to serve the Lord and to share the joyous message of Christ’s resurrection.

At the invitation “in the fear of God, with faith and love, draw near” children and adults lined up with their arms crossed on their chest and prayerfully approached the chalice – the cup of immortality.

Following the procession around the church and blessing of the parishioners, the church, the city, and those who dwell in it, the faithful proceeded to the hall for the blessing of the kolach and a festal program.

The parish priest, Protopresbyter Bratso Krsic, welcomed His Grace, the local Orthodox clergy, Protopresbyter Ramon Merlos and deacon Michael Creighton, the concelebrants, and those that came for the celebration. He also expressed his thanks to his two predecessors, Protopresbyters Velimir Petakovic and Bozidar Draskovic, for their continued support of St. George ministries. Fr. Bratso, on behalf of St. George parish, expressed his thanks to Mrs. Danica Vukotich, Kuma of the Church Slava, and for her devotion, love and care for the parish.

 Mr. Nemanja Selezan, the president of the Church Executive Board, announced that the Continuing our Legacy Stewardship Campaign so far has raised 90K and that a friend of St. George parish, Mr. Tom Dyke, will give an interest free loan of 81K for the remodeling of the hall and church property.

 We thank the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for His many blessings and entreat Him through the prayers of St. George the Greatmartyr to grant the parishioners and spiritual leaders of St. George parish wisdom and guidance for continued growth. Glory be to God Who is glorified in His saints, among them, St. George the Greatmartyr. 

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