News and Events - May 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, May 14, 2010


Monastery Ostrog - The Holy Hierarchical Liturgy was served at Monastery Ostrog on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, officiated by Metropolitan of Libertyville-Chicago His Eminence Christopher. Coc-celebrating with him were Archbishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Coastlands His Eminence Amphilohije and Bishops Kemerovsko-Novokuznjecki Aristrah (guest from Russia), Longin of New Gracanica-Midwest America and Jovan vicar of Diocletia, together with the clergy and people.

Metropolitan Christopher (Kovacevic) was born in America but his parents moved from Grahova and Vislusla at the beginning of the twentieth century. He addressed the faithful at the liturgy, saying that he learned Serbian at the Seminary and that through the will and love of God in his life he has always had wonderful experiences in Ostrog. “Our people in America refer to Serbia and the Crna Gora as the old country. And here I am among you today, I am a pilgrim like you. That through God's will, on the feastday of St. Vasiljie, I serve and be present here on this day once more while I'm alive.”

“I am grateful to God  and to Metropolitan Amphilohije who invited me today to be here with you. May God's blessing be upon you all, on your children and youth, that you feel the blessedness of which the Holy Gospels speak and that which St. Vasilije preached, his faith, his hope, his love, his power that he received from Christ God may it be upon you – that you take it with you in your hearts and minds.”

“That it transfigure, grant you mercy and healing to both your bodies and souls. And blessings to all of your loved ones and to all those who pray to the Lord and who bow down before His Holy Name.”

Bishop Amphilohije, in his archpastoral homily, addressed the the problem of abortion and called upon all mothers who had committed that sin “to repent before God and to advise others not to commit that sin.”

“May the Lord strengthen the faith of St. Vasilije, the true Orthodox faith. May he grant health to all, success, joy, peace in Montenegro, to our Serbian Orthodox people throughout the world, to all Orthodox on all five continents and all people of good will. To all a blessing, enlightenment, mercy and every heavenly gift – amen, God grant,” said Bishop Amphilohije.

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