News and Events - May 2012
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, May 25, 2012


Chicago, IL - What a grand event for the Serbian community to see over 200 of our children from the Midwest come together on stage with pride and love of their Serbian heritage! Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church Sunday School was proud to host the First Annual Chicago Folklore Festival on April 28, 2012. This folklore competition brought together many Serbian families and friends from the Chicago land area, as well as from Rockford, Illinois, Mississauga and Toronto, Canada. It was indeed a beautiful program, well-organized and entertaining to all that had the chance to see it.

Hosted by the Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church Sunday School, the success of this event was due to the dedication of many people in their time, help and organization. The 2-hour program during the early evening displayed the distinguished dancing talents of our Serbian youth. With the setting of a school auditorium, including a spacious elevated stage, individual theater seats, and curtain call to close and open acts, our children captivated the audience with their choreography, graceful movements, and stunning traditional costumes.

Although most folklore dancers were high school age kids from the big dancing groups, of the seven churches in all, the festival was graced with 14 total groups, and 17 various regional Serbian dances. Upon completion of the program and judging results, later in the evening awards were presented at the host Church Old Holy Resurrection on Palmer Square, a few blocks away. And the winners were…

1st Place – Oplenac St Sava from Mississauga, Canada
2nd Place – Oplenac St. Jovan Bellwood, IL
3rd Place – Soko Old Holy Resurrection Palmer Sq. Chicago, IL
Honorable Mention – “Naj kompletnija grupa” was awarded to: Oplenac, St. Jovan Bellwood, IL

In conclusion, it is our hope that these kinds of events promote the eminent heart and soul of our Orthodox faith and Serbian culture in the positive spirit it deserves. The most compelling part of the evening was the outright joy and comradeship of our glowing Serbian youth. As they complimented each other on their achievements, they also made new friends, and danced the night away in unison. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s 2nd Annual Chicago Folklore Festival, hosted by the Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church Sunday School, “SOKO” Folklore Group.

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