News and Events - July 2008
NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, July 3, 2008


Milwaukee, WI – Graduation ceremonies were held on June 13, 2008 as the second generation of graduates from the St. Sava Orthodox School completed their studies. At the Vesper service parish priest Fr. Radomir Cutilo distributed diplomas to: Christopher Bofilis, Dusica Godic, Ines Petrov, Dragana Stanisic, Milica Stojsavljevic and Brooklyn Stuart.

Students, together with their teacher Deaconess Jelena Vranic, showcased their impressive knowledge of traditional Serbian church chant as they sang the responses for the entire Vesper service.

The formal graduation ceremony was held at the St. Sava Cultural Center. During the program, led by Mr. Jovo Potkonjak, the graduates were greeted by: Fr. Radomir Cutilo (on behalf of the parish clergy), His Excellency Mr. Desko Nikitovic (General Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Chicago, as well as a representative of the Matica), representatives of the Church-School congregation Mrs. Dana Petrovic (on behalf of the parishioners), and, in a formal commencement speech, president of the School Board Deacon Vasilije Vratic addressed the graduates and all in attendance. Impressions of the evening belonged undoubtedly to the graduates who each delivered a most moving speech. In their self-control, forbearance, knowledge and eloquence which they portrayed on this occasion they witnessed their maturity, in both knowledge and age, thereby indicating that the St. Sava Orthodox School, together with all parishioners, should be proud of the success of their missionary activities. Teachers of the graduating class, in parting with their students, prepared a moving video of the student's last year at the St. Sava School.

Natalie Schmitt and Voja Brankov entertained the crowd before and after the program with their tambura selections. The school choir performed during the program under the direction of teacher Jennifer Sweetland.

It should be noted once again this year that this graduation was made possible through the self-less work of the students themselves, but also the teachers, parents, clergy and all parishioners of the St. Sava Cathedral in Milwaukee. As always, and especially now in joy of this celebration, we thank God for the grace given us, His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher for his wise leadership, all donors, Orthodox Christians and friends of the St. Sava School for their love and support.

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