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NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday July 3, 2008



Chicago, IL - On Sunday June 29 the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago celebrated one of the most significant religious and national holidays in the Serbian church calendar, Vidovdan. Following Divine Liturgy a Parastos service was served in the church for all soldiers who gave their lives in battle since the Battle in Kosovo and to this day. The Parastos was served by the Cathedral clergy.

At 1:00 o'clock that afternoon, following the lunch, the formal program began led by Deacon Damjan Bozic and Ms. Tamara Vesna. Following a brief introduction Deacon Damjan called on V. Rev. Djuro Krosnjar to address the audience. Inspired by the martyred death of Zoran Vujovic, Prota Djuro talked about his life, tying it with the day's feast. The moving tale brought many to tears.

Acting cathedral dean Fr. Darko Spasojevic addressed the audience in English, stating that the historical heritage of Vidovdan has a twofold significance for Orthodox Serbs - fictional and realistic. In it we see our past and construct our future. Vidovdan for us Serbs is the mark of the past and the guidepost towards the future. Fr. Darko, in his address in English, conjured up the meaning of Vidovdan not only for Serbs but all Orthodox Christians. Afterwards, principal of the elementary school “St. Sava Academy”, Marko Bojovic, gave a historical review of the Kosovo Battle also in English.

No celebration would be complete without the children taking part. With these words the children of the St. Sava Academy were introduced. Well prepared and in high spirits the children masterfully recited poems about the Kosovo battle. A celebration of Kosovo is incomplete without the gusle, a part of our tradition and a foundation which cannot be skipped over. Throughout history the guslars joyously sang of the Kosovo battle, which was attested by guslar Velimir Matovic.

There are many artistic forms, such as poetry and art, but the oldest which, which had been pleasing to rulers and many cultures is the drama of the stage. The next guests were actors from the “Mira Sremcevic” theater, a part of the St. Sava Club. They acted out three short pieces, also from the Kosovo cycle: “Czar Lazar Communes the Soldiers”, “Music Stefan” and “The Testament of Czarista Milica” performed by Danijela Sapic, Misa Petkovic and Igor Obradovic. Following the theatrical presentation our young guslar, Milos Segrt, played and sang a song about the Kosovo battle.

Arriving at the very end of the program, straight from the St. Archangel Michael Church in Lansing, were the Brkic family, father Dragisa and mother Zorica with their children Vera, Slobodan and Nada. The trio from Sabac were born on December 21, 1989 in Belgrade. All three were in incubators at birth, where Slobodan and Nada lost their sight. Ever since their birth their parents have led a long battle for their cure, education and future. Through their efforts and numerous operations in America they have seen results. The children can now see the outlines of things. Thanks to this Slobodan can now ride his bike through the streets of Glusac, a suburb of Sabac where the Brkic family live. This success borders with a miracle. The Brkic children are currently the best students of the musical school “Mihailo Vukdragovic” in Sabac. The children are especially intelligent and multi-talented. Slobodan taught himself Japanese and Spanish and can sing in Greek. Both of them play the piano as well as compose their own songs. Even though this was the first time they were at the Cathedral Church in Chicago they are well known to its parishioners. Following a short introduction Deacon Damjan gave the stage to these golden and extremely talented children. A thunderous applause followed their first song. They sang the Serbian national hymn, Boze Pravde, together with the cathedral choir at the end of the Vidovdan program.

Milan Sandic
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