News and Events - September 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, September 30, 2010


Chicago, IL - On Sunday, September 26, 2010 a week of educational activities for the friends and families of HRSOC parishioners culminated in what can only be described as a once in a lifetime celebration in the history of our church – the Blessing of the Holy Frescos at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, IL. His Grace, Bishop Maxim of the Western Diocese led the HRSOC clergy and other priests from throughout the US in prayers for mercy and thanksgiving. The service was moving and commemorated the sacrifice of many Fresco project supporters, including those who were recently reposed in the Lord.

HRSOC parishioners and their family and friends united after the service in a joyful celebration where lunch, prepared by Zeljko Karanovic and the Circle of Serbian Sisters, was enjoyed by all. The festive atmosphere was felt throughout the room as people discussed the beautiful service and frescos and the impact this holy project has had on their spiritual lives. The gathering is an opportunity for us to celebrate together this amazing accomplishment of the blessing of the frescos and for all of us to remember what frescos mean to Orthodox Christians. The program featured rare presentations of the most noteworthy acclimations of appreciation for exceptional service to God and the Cathedral made available by the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Order of St. Sava of the third degree was awarded to Millie Wilson in honor of her lifetime of Christ-Loving devotion and dedication to HRSOC. Others who received singular expressions of gratitude were Eli Kosanovich and Nikola Kovilich who received Patriarchal grammatas of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej. 16 Episcopal grammatas and 92 Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the stewards who made contributions, which enabled the completion of the project well in advance of all projected timelines.

The Fresco Project is a remarkable and extraordinary accomplishment that will enrich the spiritual life of each and every parishioner and visitor to Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral for as long as the church stands. This project should serve as a reminder to all of us what can be accomplished when we answer Gods call to us to make sacrifices and to work together to accomplish our goals, no matter how big or how seemingly difficult to achieve.
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