Serbian Patriarch Irinej Visited Rabbi Arthur Schneier

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej visited the Appeal of Conscience Foundation in New York on March 4, 2020.

His Holiness the Patriarch and the delegation of the Serbian Orthodox Church were greeted and welcomed by Rabbi Arthur Schneier, Director and Founder of the Foundation. Rabbi Schneier expressed his joy at the visit, which deepens co-operation with Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere. They recalled a gathering of world religious dignitaries in Switzerland in November 1992, at the suggestion of Rabbi Schneier. That gathering was attended by then Serbian Patriarch Pavle.

Rabbi Schneier bid farewell to Patriarch Irinej with the words: "I pray that the Lord grant you much health so that you may lead the Serbian Church for a long time. It is a great honor for you to come to me! ”

Next, Patriarch Irinej visited the place of worship of the Jewish Community in New York.  This synangogue was once visited by Patriarch Alexy, Pope Benedict, Patriarch Kirill, Metropolitan Hilarion....


Serbian Patriarch Irinej Visited Rabbi Arthur Schneier - 03/04/20

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